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Are you looking for a tree care company in Lumberton?  We have been servicing the area for more than 15 years.  We are now providing emergency tree services as well.  Please call us today to get a free estimate.  We look forward to working with you.

Beaumont Tree Service Pros is one of the best-known tree service companies providing commercial and residential tree services. We have trained professionals who have the proper education and experience to take care of any size and prospect of a tree care job in Lumberton. We provide unmatched tree service at affordable prices. We are a licensed and insured company that follows local codes and laws while preforming all of our tree services.  

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Services We Provide

Tree Removal Service Lumberton, TX

We remove all kinds of trees for commercial and residential properties. Tree removal is a tough job. Without a professional’s help, you may seriously injure yourself or damage the surrounding area. With the proper equipment and safety gear, we are able to remove the tree with ease. We can also remove one or multiple trees depending on what is needed. Give us a call if you need tree removal.

Tree Trimming Lumberton, TX

Tree trimming might be needed for various reasons. It may be needed to shed down the size of the canopy, for seasonal trimming for better fruiting or it may be needed to prevent the tree from damaging the property surrounding it. If there are many dead twigs and branches in the tree, trimming it will help to prevent excessive shedding. Trimming might also be needed for aesthetic reasons to keep the tree in shape and make it look beautiful.

Stump Grinding Lumberton, TX

Stumps can be quite an obstruction to your property. If you feel the stump is coming in the way of cleaning your lawn, or being in obstruction for a construction project, give us a call. We have stump grinders that will grind and remove the stump within a few minutes that will give you workable flat land you can make use of. We will provide professional and affordable services regarding stump removal. Give us a call today.

Emergency Tree Removal Lumberton, TX

We understand a tree may need to be removed in an emergency if it is obstructing, damaged during a storm, or dead and damaged. If the tree is growing towards the power lines or your roof, or if the tree is half broken or dead in a way that it may fall on anyone, you might need to call an emergency tree service. Our tree emergency team will come to your house or business to remove the tree, trim the branches, or any other tree service you may need in an emergency.

Underbrush Clearing Lumberton, TX

With the heavy growth of grass and shrubs on it, your lawn can look ugly. The shrubs that grow under the trees, in particular. The nutrients that would normally go to the trees can be taken by the underbrush, preventing the trees from growing properly. We can clear the underbrush with ease at Beuamont Tree Service Pros. No matter how dense it is, we will bring our ground clearing grinders to take care of the underbrush. With properly cleared underbrush, we will make your lawn or yard look beautiful and tidy. Give us a call when you need to clear the underbrush.

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